Sunday, 19 May 2013

Wal players discuss their basses - Geoffrey Richardson - Caravan

Geoffrey Richardson - Caravan

I was an habitué of the Farmyard and in Quantum Jump and Caravan with John G Perry. I regularly saw Wal and Pete the Fish there. Although I couldn't afford a Wal bass at the time, I asked Wal if he could sell me a pickup and he kindly sold me a JG bass prototype which is still on my Precision fretless. I got the feeling that he didn't sell the pickups separately, so maybe I've got a rarity – I know that pickup’s powerful enough to power a light bulb!

I was talking to [Penguin Café Orchestra bassist/producer] Jennifer Maidman the other day about Wal basses and we realised that virtually every bass player of our generation had a Wal: Alan Spenner, Mickey Feat, Jenny, Jim Leverton, John Mc.Kenzie etc etc. Good old Wal!!

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