Thursday, 27 August 2015

Gallery - Reissue Pro Bass

Gallery: Early and mid 1980s reissue passive Pro basses

Andy Baxter, of Andy Baxter Basses in London takes some amazing photos to display the basses which he has on display in his shop. This includes a number of lovely Wal basses. He has kindly given permission to display some of these on this blog. This gives a really good representation of the various models in the Wal range over the years. The ones displayed here give a really good representation of how the details of these basses changed over the years...

1982 reissue Pro bass:  

1984 reissue Pro bass: 

Note the movement of the pickup placement to the bridge position, rather than the mid placement more akin to the original Pro I and Pro IE basses.

And a rather beaten up 1984 reissue Pro bass - solid ash body with no facings: 

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